Events are a great way to give your community a positive boost, shows how fun your room is, and puts your community on people’s radars.
So you want to plan an event on, but you’re not sure what the best ways to promote your event are? We choose to promote events based on mature, positive attitudes and how well an event is organized. Here are some steps to help you create a successful event:


Planning your event is one of the first steps you should take. To help organize your great event ideas ask yourself these questions:


What kind of event are you planning on creating? Do you want a specific event to celebrate your community or an event to showcase an artist? You could also host a monthly event that focuses on a particular sub-genre or theme. Be creative. There are plenty of reasons to have an event!


Who do you want to bring to the event? Do you want new users to join the community? Who would you like to help you with the event within your community? Do you want an artist to DJ your event? If you want an artist to DJ your event you should contact them by finding their contact information on their website or contact page on their Facebook fan page. Email them a few weeks before the event. Explain what your event is about and why you are excited for them to be a part it.


When are you planning to host the event? Check the Party Calendar. We are unable to promote events that conflict with an event we’ve already agreed to promote so be sure to check the calendar to make sure the date you want is available. Be sure to fill out a request form AT LEAST 48 hours before your event to allow us enough time to post it on the Calendar. Scheduling an official event on the calendar can boost the outcome of your event and lead to more people in your room.


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